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We Design Everything That Matters

We are an architectural firm. But more than that we are storytellers. From the epics that bring together a series of buildings into a collective experience of a master plan to the anecdote that weaves together the details of an entire building. We design everything that matters: from the words - the brick, the mortar, the container; to the punctuations - the remarkable moments; to the swear words - the pieces that remind us of our humanity; to the spaces between the words that make an environment truly poignant.  We know that each project is different, each project has a history; a past, a present, and we know, when crafting its future, we accept each element.


Founded in 1995 by Dwayne MacEwen, DMAC architecture relies on the diverse experiences of its staff and expert consultants to craft each project. We love to teach, but most importantly we love to learn, listen; teach us what you want to do, and we will weave your stories into reality. We strive to invent, test ideas, challenging ourselves, and sometimes knowing that the best ideas come from looking at things sdrawkcab.


We look forward to working with you, to embrace the challenges and opportunities of your project.

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Dwayne MacEwen



Dwayne MacEwen, AIA, is the principal and creative director of Chicago-based DMAC Architecture, P.C.  MacEwen comes to architecture through construction. The son of a builder from Prince Edward Island, Canada, MacEwen had early exposure to the discipline, which led him to become the proprietor of a successful Canadian construction firm early in his career.  MacEwen’s pragmatic preparation for his career in architecture remains important in the structural and functional integrity of his designs.

The DMAC Team

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Kavitha Marudadu


Associate Principal

Kavitha provides team leadership while managing many of the firms Hospitality and Commercial projects, taking an active role in design as well as project management. An accomplished architect of over 20 years,  Kavitha's expertise in client servicing, programming, design and integrated project delivery, keeps clients coming back.

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Jeremy Leech

Associate Principal

Jeremy is versatile, hands-on architect with 11 years experience in Commercial and Hospitality design, urban planning, project management and construction. Jeremy is instrumental in executing projects of all scales and complexities, working creatively within budgets and schedules.

Jessica Saravia-01_square.jpg

Jessica Saravia


Senior Associate

With over 18 years of experience in everything from design through construction, Jessica brings extensive expertise in construction administration for a wide range of building typologies and sizes. She has been the Project Architect for multiple LEED-certified buildings.

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Kris Yokoo

Senior Associate

Kris is a multi-talented architect with over 30 years experience working at VOA and RTKL before coming to DMAC  in 2015. His design work includes Master Planning, Hospitality, Retail, and Healthcare with many overseas projects in Asia and the UAE. Kris brings his design expertise and project management skills to all of his work.

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Dorian Janowicz

Senior Associate

Dorian is a multi-faceted architect with 10 years of experience whose curiosity and creativity is vast. Dorian is investigative and tactile when exploring ideas. His Hospitality and Commercial projects include: American Airlines, The Concours Club, Michael Jordan’s Restaurant, and the DMAC office adaptive-reuse of a historic Masonic Temple. 

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Zachary Klaas

Senior Associate

Zachary Klaas is a digitally savvy architect with 9 years of experience, designing, detailing, modeling, fabricating and managing projects large and small. Zachary has been instrumental in the execution of Midtown Athletic Clubs, The Concours Club, Airline Lounges, Rivers Casinos, and Michael Jordan’s Restaurant.

Eliseo Elizarraraz


Mark Byttow

Master Craftsman

Gina MacEwen

Studio Coordinator

Elison Reid


Sohui Lee


Jared Worster

Projects Associate

Rebecca Kim

Executive Assistant

Cooper Prawdzik


Aishwarya Pawar


Crissy Johnson

Materials Associate

Kathryn Evans

Accounting Manager

Will Allen


Leslie Cousineau

Marketing Associate

Parker Smith


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