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Bowman Lake House

New Buffalo, MI

Originally from the early 1970’s, the house was designed following the postmodernist principles: geometric windows, axial symmetry, and an interior distribution of levels that mirrors the terrain’s topography.


DMAC started by reconfiguring the roof line and redesigning all openings to maximize the sun light coming in and frame the impressive views of Lake Michigan. A new side entryway was added, breaking the axial organization, and forcing the main living room spaces to adapt. The addition, cladded in stone, contrasts with the original’s building siding finishes.

Inside, the living room, dining room and kitchen were totally redesigned. White countertops in the kitchen contrast with the warmth of the wood in the rest of the space,  which opens to the outdoor living spaces and Lake Michigan through extensive sliders. The flooring is continuous in and out,  creating a seamless transition that extends the main living spaces in the summer.

The exterior space redesign efforts unify a fragmented topography that heavily slopes toward the lake, allowing the outdoor living area to grow around the swimming pool and connect the different level yards through subtle steps. The landscape design, in collaboration with Mimi McKay, includes native species for best results in a vacational home.

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