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BetRivers Lounge - PPG Paints Arena
Pittsburgh, PA

With enthusiasm for sports entertainment, stadiums are making room for boutique spaces like the BetRivers Lounge at PPG Paints Arena. Chicago-based firm DMAC Architecture’s design celebrates high-energy competition shared with like-minded friends and fans for an unparalleled immersive experience. Replacing over half of a section with two rows of luxury custom club seating inside the bowl, each seat is upholstered with a custom Rivers logo sewn into the headrest and is equipped with its own drink holder and charging ports. The lounge-style seating is wrapped in a wood-clad ribbon integrated with soft light bands that frame the unique venue. Balancing the energy of the setting with hospitality-inspired elements, DMAC makes any game day one to remember. Overlooking the ice above the lounge seating is a branded BetRivers bar inside a custom metal framework that carries a surround of large high definition screens broadcasting live action games, dialing up the overall guest experience.

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