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Des Plains, IL

As part of the hospitality package for the Rivers Casino Des Plaines, IL, DMAC also unveils Cube, a nightclub that alternates from a sports bar experience to a full-fledged performance venue. 


Passing through ingeniously designed heavy dark wood doors that function as interlocking “steps” and reveal a rhythmic geometric pattern when closed, guests enter the sports bar replete with retractable monitors above a grand rectangular bar of hand-sculpted pine and mesquite wood blocks. Descending a half-flight to a dance floor, a shift in tone and function is palpable through the complex lighting system, acoustic web and additional sensuous textures and materials, including velvety gray drapes, chains as curtains, and even a backlit wall created from inverted baby bottle nipples that is surprisingly abstract and sophisticated. The stage as focal point, which is scaled and equipped for A-list performers, draws guests to the dance floor, which reflects the light effects and images cast from the ceiling. Just beyond stage left, an outdoor terrace offers the vibe of a boutique hotel rooftop, complete with a twelve-foot fireplace. 


With the attention to technical capabilities and a sleek, sexy design vocabulary, DMAC’s Cube is sure to become a hot spot for guests from within the Casino and beyond.

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