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Dowel Art Wall

Philadelphia, PA

Ol’Glory is composed of 4550 dowels manually cut by DMAC’s design team into 50 different lengths. The dowels were then, one by one, dipped in a bucket of colored paint, and tumbled in a concrete mixer through a process that weathered them similar to the city’s streets. Each one of the 4550 dowels was installed individually into a 20 feet tall wall made of roughly 300 bricks. The brick’s unique trait - its perforations - are exposed, becoming the support and foundation for the dowels and the enabler of the installation. Once installed, the dowels formalize as an undulating Betsy Ross Flag. Hundreds of hours of intense team work transformed simple dowel rods into an activate element within this casino.

Installed in the Sugarhouse Casino’s Marketplace, one of the busiest areas of this building, Ol’ Glory is able to bring the strong ad robust urban streetscape of Philadelphia into the interior of the building through the use of Wood and Brick.

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