Eno Wine Bar

Washington, DC


ENO Wine Bar’s pre-existing structure houses the core functional elements: dining and wine/food preparation areas with private dining space. To solve vertical circulation a two-story addition is designed. This black semi-transparent volume contrasts with the white historical building, and connects to the adjacent Four Season.

In the interior, the existing building’s masonry carcass is kept exposed, contrasting with the addition ‘floating’ floor plate of rich oak floor. This juxtaposition is an expression of old and new, and becomes a subtle way of telling a story, as the evolution of a wine barrel being reused. A central double height space encourages social interaction.

The center of this double height space incorporates a large art piece, which makes a powerful and dynamic statement while attempting to connect directly to its’ context. The object is seen as a ‘freeze-frame’ portrait of a wine barrel exploding outward from the space’s epicenter.

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