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Marketplace - Rivers Casino 

Schenectady, NY

DMAC Architecture is behind the architecture and design of key components inside the casino, including five restaurants, the lounge, and the Spa. The design of these venues at the Rivers Casino Schenectady, NY were inspired by the industrial history of the site Rivers Casino is built upon, the former American Locomotive Company's manufacturing hub. 


With ceiling giving the illusion of passing under train tracks, and other eclectic composition elements inspired by the manufacturing industry, DMAC embraces the remarkable history of the region while creating an unforgettable guest experience through the design. 

In partnership with local restaurateurs, The Mallozzi Family, DMAC curated the five restaurants within the casino including burger concept Flipt, local Italian favorite Johnny’s To-Go, Italian pastry shop, Villa Italia, Duke’s Chophouse, including an outdoor patio with stunning river views, and the fast casual Asian Mian, featuring a handcrafted metal screen and red glass tiles. DMAC is also behind the design of Splash Spa, the full-service spa located in the casino, and Van Slyck’s Lounge, a lively entertainment area with a full bar, slot machines and gaming tables.

The spa embraces the serenity and beauty of the river, creating an oasis-like environment, while the “central marketplace” housing four of the five restaurants has a Bohemian theme, using natural wood finishes and cast bronze tiles.

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