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Michael Jordan Restaurant

Oak Brook, IL

The Michael Jordan's Restaurant concept is both a spatial and social interpretation of Michael's many qualities condensed into a refined fining atmosphere. The objective is to create an authentic, social, formal yet familiar dining environment. 

The entry implies movement, levity, the finesse and grace of Michael’s movement through the air that has captivated generations of sports fans. The material; inspired by the natural backdrop surrounding Ridgefield implies MJs influence on fans outside of Chicago, the charred wood paneling a symbol of MJ’s game changing force, the red strip a snapshot of MJ’s gravity-defying movement on the court. The entry portal, at once a striking, sweeping move, then reveals the interior and steps back to show the Michael off the court in a refined, warm, mature setting: the steak house.

The spaces draw inspiration from Michael’s dynamic personality, his determination & ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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