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Midtown Athletic Club Rochester
Rochester, New York

Midtown Athletic Club Rochester

As part of Midtown Athletic Club’s plans to renovate and rebrand its clubs across the country, the Rochester, New York, location stood as the largest Midtown property.  Developed in the 1970s with multiple remodels since then, Midtown looked to reboot the club with a 58,000 square-foot renovation and an 8,000 square-foot phase-two indoor pool addition. Bringing a holistic wellness focus, the team transformed nearly half of the tennis barn into Midtown-branded boutique studios and fitness spaces. Each studio space builds on the brand elements for a richer guest experience. 

Existing spaces were completely redesigned including the lobby, cafe, locker rooms, spa and retail space for an activated upscale hospitality experience. In the refreshed layout, the cafe and lounge are raised four feet above the fitness floor, creating a more prominent space for dining and socializing. A custom wood-lattice ceiling structure floats above the cafe like a trellis articulating the dining space while partly wrapping around the open lounge space.  Fitness and hospitality live hand-in-hand as the lounge overlooks the cardio floor, separated by light veils of decorative chain-linked drapes. 


Future plans for an indoor saltwater pool will set the Rochester club apart from its sister clubs. Its state-of-the-art design is an oasis in the city where weather tends to be unpredictable. A massive timber structure made of white-washed glulam beams and columns frames the pool where on two sides large glass windows flood the space with natural light and outdoor views, combined for a contemporary resort feel.  A green wall of boxwood backed with insulation absorbs the echo effects common in pool buildings. 

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