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Other stories

Midtown Athletic Club Chicago's Sneak Peek

We invite you to fly through the newly built Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago with this incredible drone video.

Areas featured:

Exterior Pool Deck includes a hydrotherapy pool covered by a concrete ribbon, and a 100' feet long pool with an area for the youngest.

The Theater, a 3,250 square feet Group X room overlooking the Chicago Skyline.

Cardio Fitness Open Floor, just over 7,500 square feet of cardio machines ready for your own personalized exercise routine.

Samadhi, a 2,000 square feet Yoga room with tree sculptures and light colors, all designed to provide the best meditation workout.

The Field, a 9,000 square feet training area is waiting for you hardest and toughest workouts.

Ride. a Full Size Screen unfolds against a wall to combine energy and image into this 1,300 square feet room.

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