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Untitled Speakeasy
Chicago, IL

Untitled Speakeasy Chicago

Located in Chicago’s River North, Untitled is a restaurant and lounge evoking a timeless experience. The speakeasy concept allows patrons “in the know” to pass through oversized and unmarked doors only to encounter a fork in the road. A ground-level storefront may appear to be the object of destination, however the lights, sounds, and aromas directed from the downward staircase act as a guide to entertainment.


DMAC worked with the more than 18,000 square feet to generate maximum flexibility in the design. Artfully placed operable doors allow for a variety of experiences depending on the evenings function. Whether you are looking for a quiet dinner or to be the centerpiece of the event, Untitled offers a dynamic range of spatial settings with the ability to act as one large venue or several small intimate rooms.

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