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Verma Residence

Chicago, IL

This new 8,500 square feet, 2 story single family residence with full basement, sits on a double lot in the very dense urban neighborhood of Bucktown.

The design is characterized by interlocking masses clad in Fiber C panels that floats over the first floor clad in wood and stone. The front end of the building is disengaged from the rear end by a central courtyard terrace that seamlessly connects the outdoors and the indoors. The house is separated from the 3 car garage at the rear end by a spa pool. The garage roof has a trellised roof terrace that looks down into the spa pool, with a waterwall cascading water from the garage roof to the spa pool.

Terraced landscapes maintain a progressive continuity from the front yard all the way to the rear garage terrace, strategically placed windows and glazing provides visual continuity from the front yard through the central courtyard all the way to the rear pool.

The interior spaces maintain fluidity throughout the first floor. A cantilevered stair with two story high glazing panel provides a transparent connectivity. Exterior finishes flow into the interior spaces, merging the line between the exterior and interior. The private section of the house is located at the second floor, with a long library/ gallery connecting the kids bedrooms to the master bedroom, while overlooking the central courtyard.

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